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Mrs. Carolyn Edwards Brown is the owner and operator of Jams, Jellies, Jewelry and more…, LLC.  The business was created out of a desire to fulfill a need, rise to a challenge and remain engaged after retirement.

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My Story

I'm a native of Macon, Georgia and a graduate of Central High as well as the George Meaney Leadership Institute in Baltimore, Maryland. I'm also a retiree of Bellsouth Corporation after 31 years and more recently retired from State Bank and Trust with 14 ½ years.​

As a wife, mother and grandmother, I enjoy spending time with family and exploring opportunities for life enrichment by continuing to learn and grow. After retirement, my first endeavor was jewelry making, starting off with simple stretch cord bracelets to unisex leather jewelry to wire wrapping. Jams, jellies, and preserves came after I was challenged by the owner of a local produce stand to try my hand at making preserves myself instead of just eating the peaches I purchased each week. I searched the internet, did some research, and came back two weeks later with not only peach preserves but strawberry kiwi jam as well. The strawberry  kiwi jam has become my number one seller jam!


With a heart for serving, I operate as a board member of Grace Nation Christian Church. I can also be found volunteering and working at some of the local senior centers and facilities. Beholding a love for God, family and others, my lifelong goal has been to fulfill a charge given by my father, Melvin Edwards Sr.

"Make the difference."


“I  am not a fan of pepper jelly, but yours is out of this world delicious!”

— Lynne

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“The Holiday Cheer potpourri smells wonderful! We simmered it for three days! We just kept adding water.”



“This delicious jam is one of the best jams I have ever tasted! (Strawberry Kiwi Jam) The kiwi adds subtle tartness and depth. Loved It!”

— Betty

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